Selected AVAs

The Napa Valley is what is commonly referred to as an appellation. In the United States, the legal term Is American Viticultural Area or AVA and Napa Valley was the first in California designated in 1981. The Napa Valley produces just 4% of California’s wine grape harvest and is 1/8th the size of Bordeaux. It enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate which encompasses only 2% of the Earth’s surface which translates to great consistency vintage-to-vintage.

Within the Napa Valley AVA, regions have been recognized that possess distinct microclimates and terrain, imprinting recognizable characteristics on the grapes grown there. These AVAs are commonly referred to as sub-AVAs. This great diversity within the Napa Valley allows a wide range of fine wine grapes to grow well here, and provides the winemaker a diverse palette to create from. Please explore the selected AVAs on our site to find your dream property in Napa Valley.

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